Storage Container Rentals

Pricing Provided by Dumpster Rental Enterprises

Small storage containers

If your upcoming project is for the remodeling of a smaller home or space, then our smaller steel storage container is the right size for you. These rental units are easier to transport and deliver into tight spaces as well. To know if one of these rentals offers you enough additional capacity, call one of our expert representatives now and give them the information on how much you need to store. We’ll help you find the perfect container for your needs.

Extra-wide portable containers

If you have a business like an apartment building, hotel, or any other commercial building that you want to renovate, you’ll need one of our wide units. Contact one of our customer representatives and they will explain to you how the extra square footage in width will help you. It makes such a huge impact on your project and could save you lots of money. The security of our portable storage units is unmatched. They are manufactured with the best of heavy metals to provide superior temporary protection for your home or business valuables.

A commitment to superior quality

At Value Dumpster Rental Flint, our portable steel storage containers are wind and watertight, making them the perfect solution for onsite protection of your supplies and valuables! With the help of our representatives, you will choose the perfect cargo container depending on your needs. We’re standing by now to help you identify, schedule, and deliver you a unit that you can keep on your property. Call a member of our experienced and knowledgeable account management or customer service staff today at 810-255-0896. We’re standing by to show you how important your patronage is to us!

A commitment to superior service

You don’t have to waste your time and money traveling a long distance to look for extra storage. We have your interests covered. When you call us we will discuss the items that you have and then recommend the best storage container size that is perfect for your needs. \We have a Rhino locking system for all our 20-foot and 40-foot storage containers to ensure that your inventory is safe. With portable storage containers, you quickly and economically expand your storage space. After you order your rental unit you can have it delivered in a timely fashion (usually no longer than 48-hours). Give us a call today at 810-255-0896 and let us help you make your project a success!