Temporary Fencing

Pricing Provided by Dumpster Rental Enterprises

Different available types of fencing available from Value Dumpster Rental Flint

Panel fencing

If you want a temporary fence with the lowest available price tag, then you may wish to consider our panel fencing. This type will keep strangers away and give you the freedom to move around during the day.

In-ground fence model

If you are thinking of having the fence secured beneath the surface of the ground for a longer-term scenario (such as a few months) then we will get you our in-ground fence model. This type of fence makes use of sleeves that can be partially buried below, and this makes the fence more sturdy and secure.

Advanced temporary fence

There are times you may be looking to acquire a temporary fence that features additional barbed wire and a privacy screen. This ensures that outsiders don’t see what happens in the inside.

Why you should choose us for your temporary fencing needs

Value Dumpster Rental Flint is proud to be the “go-to” company for temporary fencing in and around Flint, Michigan! Just one of the many reasons why is that our prompt delivery times are unmatched by competitors. We will deliver, assemble, install, and then pick up your temporary fence as per your request. Once you call us at 810-255-0896, we will deliver a quote and then schedule your delivery at your preferred location…right on time!

Quality materials

Our temporary fences are made of strong and durable materials. We have received feedback from all of our clients confirming that our fencing meets their purposes and that they would come back to us every time in the future.

Competitive prices

We know how tight our clients’ budgets can be, and we offer our temporary fencing services at price points that help them to be successful. Once you call us, we will find a way of bringing down the prices without compromising our standards. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today at 810-255-0896!