It’s Not too Late for a Winter Cleanout in Flint

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Winter is on the doorstep, with all of its bitter Flint weather. You will be spending a lot of time inside your home; you may already be feeling claustrophobic from being inside. It may seem as if the time for a winter cleanout has passed, but it’s not too late. You should still be able to do a home cleanout, even in the short gray days of winter. Getting rid of clutter and throwing out unwanted items from the kitchen is still a possibility. If you’re in the greater Flint area and want to dispose of the clutter in your home, contact Value Dumpster Rental, we will deliver a roll-off dumpster right to your driveway, and once it’s filled, we will pick it up and deliver it to the local landfill. Here are some tips for winter free of clutter and cabin fever.

Replace Beat Up or Unwanted Furniture

One of the things that can be depressing during the long winter months is staring at drab or deteriorating furniture day after day. Disposing of unwanted furniture into your dumpster is a great way to create space, and new, vibrantly colored furniture will brighten up the room and combat the charcoal skies outside.

Clean out the Kitchen Pantry, cabinets, and Drawers

Your kitchen’s pantry and drawers probably have things that you didn’t realize were in them. A kitchen cleanout is an important way to make sure you are ready for the worst of winter. Old canned goods should be disposed of in your dumpster and replaced with new ones to be prepared when roads become impassable or a blizzard snows you inside. Clean out kitchen drawers, especially that junk drawer, and create space to clear things off your kitchen counters and declutter the room. Be sure you have candles for the times’ power-lines are downed from ice storms. Once you have finished, your kitchen will be a cozy room where you can work at the kitchen table or cook to pass the time.

Create Space in Your Garage

If you have a garage so full that you cannot park your car inside, it’s time for a garage cleanout. You may think this is a spring cleaning activity, but an uncluttered garage has benefits specific to winter. First and probably the most obvious is the ability to park the car inside on days where the temps seem to be undecided which side of zero they should be on. Anyone who has had to carry groceries inside on an icy driveway understands how beneficial parking in a garage can be. It also gives you an additional room to use as a workshop, gym, or a place where you can lounge around.

Get Rid of Junk in Your Yard

Kids’ toys, oscillating sprinklers, and all the other junk you have laying around your front and back yard can become a hazard after the first snowfall conceals them. Think about all the things in your yard that you could trip over if you couldn’t see them. Not only are they a hazard to you and your family, but they are also a possible source for a lawsuit if a neighbor or delivery person is injured from tripping over them. Clean up all the junk and yard debris such as limbs and branches, before they are covered for the winter.

Let Value Dumpster Rental Help

It only takes a short time to make your house a place that you don’t mind spending long periods inside. If you are in the greater Flint area, call Value Dumpster Rental or fill out our online contact form to have a roll-off dumpster delivered to your home. Our helpful and experienced staff can direct you on what size dumpster you need for your winter cleanout.